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After finally reaching financial stability and the urge to expand your wealth, it is time to start investing in the most important asset of them all; property. The only problem, for both experienced investors and novice home seekers, is that shopping for property and all the accompanying lifestyle desires can become a time-consuming endeavour if you don’t know where to start.

This is where REAL ESTATE magazine comes in. REAL ESTATE magazine, excluding its online addition at, is a monthly glossy printed publication of beautiful design that recognises and reports on local and global property trends and the lifestyles that go with them.

November Cover by Real Estate Magazine

November Cover by Real Estate Magazine

PA Media, the South African parent company that owns REAL ESTATE, has 21 years of experience in property publishing. The company owns 12 print and online publications, distributing to over a million readers throughout the country each month, with the backing of over 1000 advertisers. PA Media has grown to be one of the most trusted authorities when it comes to making important financial decisions in the property industry.

The first issue of REAL ESTATE magazine was printed and released in July, 2013, with a cover clearly related to the décor of an expensive interior. Not surprising, as CEO of PA Media, Shaun Minnie, explains that the content of REAL ESTATE is aimed to “cater to a captive audience of high-net-worth homeowners and investors in South Africa…which means [they] can reach readers with significant disposable income in key regions.”

As a publication aimed at those who can afford luxury, REAL ESTATE magazine is a very enticing advertising platform for businesses who wish to reach top-end buyers. According to one of REAL ESATE’s online articles, about 27,500 copies are distributed nationally to Sunday Times subscribers in selected upscale suburbs, as well as to hotels and airport lounges, high-end clients and investors, and corporate professionals.

“Our readers already use our publications and online property portals to make some of the most important financial decisions of their lives. REAL ESTATE takes that valued relationship one step further,” says editor, Michelle Snaddon. “We combine creative homes, gorgeous interiors and inspiring lifestyles with all the insider tips you need to get the most out of your investment.”

What Real Estate Mag Offers:

1. Special in-depth reports and articles, to keep buyers informed about the property industries of both South Africa and abroad.

2. Listings of luxury homes for sale, plus a key suburb to watch out for each month.

3. Renovation ideas and accessible makeovers.

4. Informative features on interior and exterior décor and design topics, and more.

5. A ‘Cool Creatives’ section which follows urban regeneration trends and features collaborative work spaces or home offices.

So, be sure to stay in the loop of luxury living and subscribe for your copy of REAL ESTATE magazine by visiting the REAL ESTATE website. Also, for more articles about the residential property industry, visit the Opportunity Residential website’s News to Use section.

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