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SA Rental Agencies

As a buy-to-lease investor, having a Rental Specialist Agency is a no-brainer. The benefits of a Rental Agency, like Go!Letting Property Rentals, outweigh the benefits of handling your own tenanting.

Why is it better to invest in a Rental Management Specialist? Who would you choose to cover the vital task of tenanting your invested residential or commercial property? What are the factors to consider for setting up rental management of your property?

“From advertising in local, national and international venues to house cleaning and maintenance, you could spend more time handling all these details than it’s worth,” writes published author of Majon International, Chris Robertson, in his article, Three Explosive Benefits of Using a Property Rental Service.

According to Robertson, having a Rental Agency is well worth it. A good example of “why” would be found by looking at property that you own in another country. Chances are that a local represented Rental Agency would know the people, the needs, the market and the customs of that area much more that the owner sitting abroad. Rental Agents are also more driven to be friendly, professional and adequate, as it is their career on the line.

Combined with the help of Robertson’s other article, 5 Features to look for when Choosing a Property Rental Service, there are 5 main benefits of contracting a Rental Agency:

1. Dependable Property Rental Management from a Distance – “They already have all the right contacts, and you can rest assured that every detail is being handled properly.”

2. Eliminate Cleaning and Maintenance Worries – “A rental property service will manage the cleaning by hiring maid services for departure cleanings.”

3. No More Marketing Headaches – “A rental property service can…rental vacancy, interview with potential tenants, provide welcome packets for guests, check inventory before and after each stay, etc.”

4. Excellent Customer Service – “The property rental service you choose should offer excellent customer service and be able to provide testimonials from satisfied property owners.”

5. Key Holding, Inventory, and Detailed Necessities – “The furniture and other valuables in your apartment or villa rental must be kept on an inventory list and checked physically”

The trick with Rental Specialist Agencies are to ensure that you understand what duties are prescribed by your contract with that Agency. Some agencies do not cover the same full set of benefits. Some more affordable rental management services are mainly concerned with ensuring occupation and rental income from your property.

A great way to stay up to date with the data/information concerning your buy-to-lease property is to invest in property management software. This is especially great for investors that do not live near their properties.

“The benefits of making that change and investing in tenant software are worth it though,” writes author on, Kirthy Shetty, in her article, Getting the Most From Property Rental Management, “The knowledge and ready access to vital information that it can offer can put you ahead of your competitors and in firm control of the business bank account.”

However, most great Rental Management Service providers will definitely give you updated feedback and reports on your investments, although a little extra control over your property never hurts.

“Keep these features in mind during your search for a property rental service,” writes Robertson, “By choosing a service with great features, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your holiday rental or apartment for rent is in good hands!”

There are hundreds of Rental Agencies, all dedicated to specific geographical locations throughout South Africa. For queries on rentals in the Vaal area, Gauteng, contact Go!Letting Property Rentals.

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